About Us

Republic Eyewear is an independent eyewear company with a distinctive Newfoundland flair. Most models feature the distinctive "Green White and Pink" flag that embodies our company principles of exclusive style and enduring substance.

The flag is subtly imprinted on the inside earpieces in most cases, but also proudly emblazoned on select models. Each frame also sports a quintessential NL nameplate, including iconic NL'ers (The Bartlett, The Grenfell) famous locales (George Street, The Prescott) and humorous throwbacks (Yes Maid, The Mummer), to name just a few.

We are proud to offer this vibrant new frame line to the market. If you are an eyeglass wearer seeking cutting edge styles, high quality, lightweight frame materials, rich colors and an exclusive look, you will love Republic Eyewear.

Available only at Cowans Optical in the St. John's metro and CBN areas and coming soon to select locations province and nation wide.